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Book Publication Services
Book Publication Services
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To Do

ISBN: 81-903561-4-3

Pages: 104

Illustrations: 10

Binding: Hard Case

Price: Rs. 250

About the book

We are often confronted with questions like “Who am I?”, “What should I do?”, “Why should I do it?”, “How should I do it?” When we have no clue to all these questions, we feel distressed. Parijat’s latest publication “What..Why..How..To Do : Karma Yoga Simplified” by Ranjan Kumar Singh is an answer to all such queries that relate to life and life-style. Based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, it addresses core issues that would be relevant, always! It is certainly not a spiritual book, but a book about life and the life style.


I found the work absorbing, thoughtful but it's most impacting part was the sheer simplicity with which you handled a difficult subject when you ask the intriguing question, who am I? The power of the question does not hit you as hard as one reads the depth with which the issue can be examined, in the way you have. Your exploration of complex ideas around the issue of identity is indeed inspiring. You touch wonderful chords that begin to produce music around the idea. My best commendation is that I am sure that I will read it again. As much as I would recommend that others do the same. – Harpal Singh, Fortis.